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Margaret H. Taylor, MD
Taylor Functional and Integrative Medicine
34 W. Colt Square Drive; Suite 3
Fayetteville, AR 72703
(479) 957-1105

Margaret H. Taylor, MD
Taylor Functional and Integrative Medicine
201 S. 19th Street, Suite A
Rogers, AR 72758
(479) 372-0008


1. Do you accept insurance?

No.  We do not bill insurance for any of the services we offer because most insurance companies are not up to speed with the latest advances and technologies in the field of functional/integrative medicine; therefore they will not invest in your health in this regard.  Dr. Taylor is focused on a personalized approach to optimal health, and consequently tends to spend more time with each patient.  This is different from the mindset of the conventional medical model which typically involves a 15-minute office visit with “a pill for every ill.” Dr. Taylor is “opted out” of Medicare and is not a participating provider with any insurance plans. This is a cash clinic.

2. Why do I have to have my paperwork in prior to my visit?

Our goal is to take care of you, not your paperwork, when you arrive. Your chart is prepared prior to your arrival. Clinic time is reserved for face-to-face interactions.

3. Can I email you?

Short questions and requests are always welcome. We cannot address prolonged questions or concerns. Please include a subject line when you email us. Clinic staff check the Emails and answer what they can. Most medical concerns will be addressed by the physician between patients or after hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.

4. Will insurance cover my outpatient lab and testing?

Labs and outpatient testing will be ordered by the physician as indicated for your care.  Your standard health insurance will most likely apply towards covering lab expenses to the extent that your policy dictates.  Some of the labs we use may not participate in any insurance billing or may be ‘out of network’ with all carriers.  In this case the lab testing may result in out-of-pocket expense for the patient (i.e., cash pay).  There may be a copay which must be remitted to the lab at the time of testing. You may be able to submit your lab receipts for out-of-pocket expenses to your insurance company for reimbursement or to apply toward your deductible.  We recommend you check with your carrier for specifics.

5. Will you fill out my disability paperwork?

No. There are many reasons we do not do this or any prolonged paperwork.

6.Will I still need to keep my primary care physician?

Yes. We are not a primary care facility.  We do not have the resources or staff to provide 24/7 coverage for a large base of patients that is typical in the primary care setting. We would be doing you a disservice to prescribe routine medications as you need to build a relationship with a primary care physician who can manage all the interactions of routine medications and care, monitor your routine health maintenance activities such as colonoscopies and flu shots and be available on a 24/7 basis.